Organic Buckwheat Hull Goodnight Pillow & Organic Case

by Best of Nature
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Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow
This organic buckwheat hull pillow conforms to you – offering the best cervical support (whether you’re a side or back sleeper) that Chiropractors recommend. Shape the buckwheat hulls to create the perfect cervical support for your neck and proper head and neck alignment. Buckwheat hulls stay in shape you need. These thermodynamic pillows don’t conduct heat helping to maintain the perfect body temperature all night – increasing your chances of a deep, restful sleep. A depression can be easily created where your ear would rest and can let it be suspended without pressure for ear comfort.

Grown without Pesticides or Herbicides
Organically grown buckwheat hulls are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and covered in a durable, soft organic cotton or unbleached cotton shell with a zippered opening. This allows you to add or remove hulls to create the perfect pillow. It also provides for emptying of the pillow for laundering of the shell.

Includes an organic, natural cotton pillowcase. 

Pillow measures: 13” x 18”

• Conforms to your unique head and neck contours
• Thermodynamic pillow does not conduct heat
• Soft, unbleached cotton twill shell features a hidden zippered opening
•  Perfect size for home or travel

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