Nukkles Back Rub

by Spa & Bodywork Market

Nukkles are one of a kind, hand-held massage product that puts the “power of massage in the palms of your hands.”

  • With patented flex-technology, Nukkles contour to the body, allowing anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage experience.
  • Use Nukkles directly over clothing or on bare skin.
  • They come in a pair, which allows you to simulate all types of massage.
  • One touch and you’ll be hooked!
  • Use plain or for cold massage.
  • For cold treatment, fill the four little cups at each corner with water and put them in the freezer like ice cube trays; when frozen they give a fantastic cold massage.
  • To use simply cradle the nukkles in the palm of your hand and slide the four nubs of each one across the back of the person you are massaging.

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