Bamboo Yoga Block

by Spa & Bodywork Market
  • Made from environmentally friendly bamboo
  • Light-weight, strong and stable
  • Beautiful with comfortable grip
  • Can assist the beginner and aid the experienced
  • Provides support for postures that are otherwise too strong or unable to be obtained
  • Measures 9" x 6" x 4"

Natural Fitness offers the Bamboo Yoga Block as a solution to environmentally harmful foam yoga blocks. This product allows you to improve your yoga practice while achieving more environmental balance. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and provides strength and stability. Its natural look and feel can help provide the user the sense of peace and tranquility required for yoga practice all while protecting our planet for future generations.

About Bamboo
Fast-growing bamboo is a type of grass which is stronger than most woods and requires no pesticides in its cultivation. It starts to re-grow immediately after it is harvested and it regenerates without need for replanting. Bamboo is a robust and plentiful resource that removes a vast amount of CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing an abundance of oxygen.


  • Bamboo has the ability to grow in a variety of climates, from jungles to high on mountainsides
  • Some varieties of bamboo can grow up to one foot a day in mature stands
  • As a natural and renewable resource, bamboo offers an opportunity to turn away from the destruction of native forests towards managed commercial plantations that can be selectively harvested annually without the destruction of the grove or stand as is the case with forests
  • Bamboo minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees

Mat shown in picture not included.

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