Extra Glide Massage Cream - 5 Gallon Pail

by Best of Nature

Extra Glide formula - for all modalities

Our Massage Cream Extra Glide formula‚ is thick and luxurious‚ minimizing the need to interrupt the flow of your massage with frequent reapplication; it can be used on the body‚ face‚ hands and feet.

Contains Extracts of Aloe Vera leaf and Meadowsweet to help soothe the muscles as well as improve skin vitality. You gain the ease and workability of a classic massage oil without the greasy feel; you'll find this to be a hands-down winner with clients who dislike the slick residue left behind by oils. Massage away without being chained to your oil bottle - this cream offers you true freedom to focus on your work and produce therapeutic effects which last beyond the treatment.



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