Aromatherapy Candles

by Biotone

Release tension with the enveloping, warm fragrance of Biotone's Aromatherapy Candles. Perfect for creating a mood for massage, meditation, or relaxing in a favorite quiet spot. These long-burning candles contain 100% pure essential oils. Each is made from quality-blended wax with an all-cotton wick. 50 hours burn time per pillar.

Infused with pure essential oils.

  • Bliss - The warm, sweet floral scent of Ylang Ylang intertwines with a sensuous spike of Clove and Black Pepper.
  • Inspiration - Refreshingly zesty Orange and Tangerine mingle with the rich, herbal tone of Patchouli, freeing the imagination.
  • Renewal - The floral-fresh notes of Palmarosa and Pettigrain create a revitalizing synergy with the complex, woodsy scent of Rosewood.

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