Chair Massage DVD

by Spa & Bodywork Market

CHAIR MASSAGE with Connie Scholl
For beginning practitioners of seated massage

Since chair massage is the fastest growing segment of the massage industry, it makes sense to know the basics, whether chair massage makes up only a small fraction of your practice – or the bulk of it. Connie Scholl built a sizeable corporate chair massage practice from scratch, and in the process introduced thousands of corporate office workers to the benefits of seated chair massage.

Basics of bringing seated chair massage to your clients
How to do a brief, 5-minute chair massage routine (great in the workplace)
How to do a longer, 10-15 minute session
Tips and pointers for building your chair massage practice
Ideas about hiring employees to work for you
Helpful information about compensation
An insider’s tips on referrals

Connie Scholl earned her license in massage therapy and has created a thriving corporate chair massage practice over the past ten years. Starting with less than $1000, but filled with self-confidence and technical expertise learned in massage school, Connie has grown her business slowly and steadily. Today, she and her professional staff bring seated chair massage to thousands of corporate employees in businesses in Fairfield County, CT through her company, Greenwich Muscular Therapy. Connie also conducts on-going infant massage clinics for new and expectant mothers.

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