Cherry Blossom Freestanding Room Divider

by Spa & Bodywork Market
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61"H x 35.5"

A simple beautiful room divider offered in 3 fine wood finishes, crafted from kiln dried Spruce in a classic Japanese single panel shoji screen design. With classic window pane lattice on the front, and stout, solid perpendicular feet for stability. The front of the tough, fiber reinforced washi paper shade is printed with a beautiful stylized cherry tree design.

  • Japanese style single panel shoji screen, in 3 colors.
  • Crafted from solid Spruce with strong, stable perpendicular feet.
  • Durable fiber reinforced washi paper shade.
  • Classic cherry tree design & window pane lattice on front side only.
  • Legs measure 14"Long x 2"Wide x 1.5"High.

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