Crystals Snow Globe

by Cool Snow Globes
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This Crystals Snow Globe is the perfect meditative accent to your home or business! Great for waiting rooms in a spa or holistic practice.

Often called the "love stone," rose quartz is said to bring peace and calm, emotional balance, and stress relief—things we can all benefit from. Take a moment to gaze into our soothing water globe modeled from actual crystal formations showered in silver light.

Glass globe, Silver painted base.

Glass Globe: 4" diameter (10 cm)
Total Dimensions: 4"W x 4"L x 5"H (10 cm W x 10 cm L x 12.5 cm H)

Care of Globes
Keep it out of direct sunlight. Sunlight shining through the water is a magnifier and can cause fire. Sunlight can also cause the water to discolor.
Dust with a soft cloth. Glass cleaner is fine on the globe.

Every CoolSnowGlobe is beautifully gift boxed, ready for giving.
Globes are packed with a protective foam base.

The liquid in the globes is purified water with anti-freeze added to prevent freezing. Anti-bacterial is added to keep the liquid clear. Liquid in the globe is safe for humans externally, but should not be ingested.

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