Golden Spa Tones by Evenson & Makichen

by Spa & Bodywork Market

Tibetan bowls… when played quietly, they evoke the stillness and peace that exists within the soul. When played with more intensity, they rumble like a harmonic storm building on the horizon. Either way, you can expect to be centered and soothed by their otherworldly drone. GOLDEN SPA TONES pairs the bowl playing of master healer Walter Makichen with the melodic flute playing of Dean Evenson, whose breathy tones are reminiscent to that of the bansuri flute in this context. In the background, the natural ambience of waves lapping on the shore provides comfort and tranquility. The result is an album that is subtle and gentle, perfect for a spa atmosphere as the name implies or any therapeutic sort of environment.

Total Time: 64:07

1 Harmonic Waves 5:39
2 Bell, Bliss, Joy 9:19
3 Infinite Ocean 5:04
4 Sound is Love 6:21
5 Stretch Your Soul 4:11
6 Deeper Compassion 7:37
7 Mystic Spirals 7:26
8 Walk on Water 6:02
9 No Boundaries 3:42
10 Golden Moment 8:41

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