Harmony by Sayama

by Spa & Bodywork Market

Calling Sayama's album HARMONY 'peaceful' would be an understatement. The album makes you feel as if you've stepped into a carefully manicured garden in the heart of the Japanese countryside. The music is graceful and elegant, featuring dreamy synthesizer ambience, piano and twinkly chimes, that mix perfectly with Far Eastern sounds, like the shakuhachi flute, guzheng, koto and the Chinese erhu. The last third of the album tones down the Asian influences and becomes more ethereal and reflective, with a bit of Native American flute that adds an emotional, melancholy edge. Like many of Sayama's Reiki-focused past albums, HARMONY fits very naturally in a healing setting, and its relaxing nature makes it perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

Total Time: 61:21

1 A Tradition of Harmony 6:40
2 Gently Awakening 10:11
3 Seamless Movement 9:34
4 The Circle Begins Where the Circle Ends 4:59
5 Stream of Stillness 10:27
6 As in Three, So in One 8:49
7 Centre of the Universe 9:38

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