Music for Massage by Steve Halpern

by Spa & Bodywork Market

There are several qualities that make for effective massage music: it must be peaceful, have a slow tempo (usually with no percussion or rhythm elements) and not require a lot of direct attention. In other words, neither the massage therapist nor the massage recipient should be distracted by the music; it should be present to enhance the healing atmosphere. This release from Steven Halpern fits those categories quite well. Featuring an assortment of tunes collected from some of his previous releases, MUSIC FOR MASSAGE features just over an hour of gentle music ideal for a massage treatment or any activity where a tranquil environment is desired. The music features Halpern's trademark electric and acoustic piano melodies, as well as flute, violin and strings.

Total Time: 60:37

1 Eternally 4:01
2 Pachelbel's Canon 6:14
3 Toward the One 3:46
4 Dawn 6:17
5 Radiance 4:46
6 Dream Weaver 3:46
7 Chakra Tuning 8:23
8 Deep Bamboo 4:16
9 Light In Your Eyes 14:33
10 Eventide 4:04

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