Reiki Ocean by Sambodhi Prem

by Spa & Bodywork Market

The music of Sambodhi Prem tends to revolve around two central concepts - nature and reiki practice. Free flowing compositions that lean towards music with a meditative flair, Sambodhi Prem composes music for the mind - or more specifically where the mind can wander off to when healing practices are in order. REIKI OCEAN continues to travel this path, offering over an hour of serene synthesizer ambience, leisurely guitar melodies and lapping ocean waves. To further aid those who wish to use the music for it's originally intended purpose - reiki practice, the album features subtle bell chimes at five minute intervals to signal hand movements. Regardless of how you plan on using the music, it's sure to create an atmosphere that is highly comforting and ideal for putting the mind at ease.

Total Time: 72:05

1 Part One 8:40
2 Part Two 9:25
3 Part Three 8:29
4 Part Four 28:56
5 Part Five 10:59
6 Part Six 5:34

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