Soothing Sanctuary by David & Steve Gordon

by Spa & Bodywork Market

Originally released in 1990, David and Steve Gordon's album SANCTUARY has proven to be a masterpiece of the relaxation music genre - a sweeping soundscape rich with gentle tones and calming instrumentation. For the re-issue, the Gordon brothers decided to go back to the drawing board and not only re-master the album, but musically enhance it at as well. The results are stunning - the synthesizers have been updated to reflect current technology, additional instrumentation has been included and the clarity is astounding (24 bit remix and re-mastering to reflect current industry standards). All the while, SOOTHING SANCTUARY still maintains the former album's blissful atmosphere of nature sounds blended with beautiful melodies, this time around performed on piano, guitar, harp, silver flute and keyboards.

Total Time: 62:24

1 Soothing Sanctuary Part 1 32:04
2 Soothing Sanctuary Part 2

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