Trail Guide to the Body’s Muscles of the Human Body poster – Anterior View

by Books of Discovery
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Anatomical posters like you’ve never seen before!

Not only is this poster finely detailed, there’s a feature you don’t normally see on other posters — an activity of daily living (ADL) for each muscle. These ADLs were written in the same engaging, relatable, and sometimes-funny writing style you expect from Trail Guide to the Body!

There are several ways you can use this poster
  • Learn the names of the muscles.
  • Discover how they help you move in everyday life.
  • Quiz yourself or a friend.
  • Instructors, hang this poster in your classroom and have students quiz each other with it.
  • Practitioners, this is a handy reference tool for you and your clients!

This poster is the anterior view of the body

Size: 24″ wide x 30″ high

Printed on coated paper.

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