Wet Body Massage & Spa Treatments Hydrotherapy Tub DVD

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Hydrotherapy Txs That Include Underwater Hydromassage, Thalassotherapy Baths, Aromatherapy & Herbal Baths

Wet Body Treatments - Hydrotherapy Tub DVD
Underwater Hydromassage
Thalassotherapy Baths
Aromatherapy Baths
Herbal Baths
Features & Benefits Of The Hydrotherapy Tub
Setting Up A Wet Room
Client Preparation
Indications & Contraindications

Carolyn Wilcox, CIDESCO Diplomat

Detailed Summary
A hydrotherapy tub allows you to offer luxurious hydrotherapy treatments, such as underwater hydromassage, thalassotherapy baths, and aromatherapy and herbal baths. Carolyn Wilcox, CIDESCO diplomat and an international education manager for hydrotherapy equipment, discusses the features and benefits of the hydrotherapy tub, setting up a wet room, supplies, client preparation, and indications and contraindications for using a hydrotherapy tub. She also demonstrates how to perform thalassotherapy and aromatherapy baths and hydromassage.

Format DVD
Length 46 Minutes
Award Silver Davey

About Carolyn Wilcox

Carolyn Wilcox is a CIDESCO graduate with over 20 years in the beauty and wellness industry. She has educated staff in hydrotherapy protocols and treatments, developed education programs, opened a hydrotherapy education facility in the United States, and consulted on spa projects internationally. For the past 6 year, as the International Education Manager for a major hydrotherapy equipment manufacturer, she has attended trade events and educated in many of the leading spas around the world. Her passion lies with educating therapists in understanding how, and -- most importantly -- why we perform treatments using a variety of products and techniques. She is a founding member of the Australasian Spa Association, member of the International Spa Association, and a keen supporter of the American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council.

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