CanDo Percussion Massagers 2 Pack Manual Ball Massage, Flexible Stick Massage Tools for Sore Muscles, Back, Shoulders, Neck, Legs, and Total Body with Comfort Grip Wood Handles, Blue

by CanDo
  • Soothe Sore Muscles: Experience relief from muscle aches and pains with an exhilarating Shiatsu-like massage! Use the handheld percussion massagers to deliver therapeutic pressure to tense muscles, and stimulate circulation for a faster recovery.
  • Made To Last: Massagers are made from durable, high-quality materials to support continued use. Easy-to-grip wooden handle and flexible metal shaft allow the rubber ball to move fluidly over the bodys natural curves for true head-to-toe treatment.
  • Experience Full-Body Relief: Apply percussive pressure nearly anywhere on the body where muscles are sore. Massagers help relieve tension, stimulate circulation and may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Use on shoulders, hips, thighs and more.
  • Massage Treatments Made Easy: Enjoy personalized massages by freely controlling speed and strength. Apply pressure without straining hands, wrists or fingers. Flexible metal shaft conveniently bends to reach target areas and hug the body's contours. Great for use on yourself or to massage someone else.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Treat yourself to a satisfying massage anywhere, at any time! These massagers are small and lightweight enough to pack and bring with you to work, travel or play. To store, simply hang the massagers by their leather straps.

The Bongers Percussion Massager are both fun and easy to use. It can be used
to massage yourself or others. The Bongers tool provides an invigorating
percussion- like massage called tapotement which improves circulation, eases
muscle tension, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It features long,
ergonomic handles with adjustable straps for better reachability, reduced hand
fatigue and improved grip. With the soft ball on the tip, the Bongers are good
for breaking down muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Most people
store tension in their neck and shoulders, and that's usually where Bongers
are most effective. However, they feel good all over giving an invigorating,
Shiatsu-like massage. Their durable and flexible metal shafts do all the work.
Each set includes 2 blue Bongers tools.

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