Deep Tissue Massage An Integrated Full Body Approach 7 DVD Set - Art Riggs

by Art Riggs
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This extensive set (seven DVD’s, 9+ hours) was created after countless requests from therapists who loved the first very detailed set, “Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release,” and wanted help implementing the techniques into a smooth, well-planned full body massage routine. The first set gave you the techniques. THIS SET shows you how to use them, and was designed as an expanded SEQUEL, not just an update of the first. You will be able to see all of the techniques used in real world settings to satisfy your clients’ desire for both extremely effective therapeutic work, but in a fluid full body massage rather than isolated spot work. Both sets work create a a complete encyclopedia of deep tissue massage.

More about this set: Art moves from A to Z, covering the whole body from prone to supine, with an entire DVD devoted to the important side-lying position, followed by two entire DVDs demonstrating full body massage to different models with different needs. Since the focus is upon smooth massage, less time is spent on biomechanics (which is where the great detail on strategies, techniques, anatomy, and treatment of injuries offered in the first set comes into play), but a huge number of specific nuts and bolts techniques are demonstrated. If you have felt constrained by set routines that limit your creativity, great care is taken to provide a logical rationale for session planning according to your individual clients’ needs so each massage is an extremely effective and fun adventure letting you choose which of the numerous techniques you will utilize. This will be particularly beneficial for those working in a therapeutic and spa settings who want to distinguish and elevate themselves from the common cookie cutter routine sometimes associated with that kind of work.

Coordinating Medical Massage, Deep Tissue And Myofascial Release Into A Fluid Bodywork Session.

DVD 1: Fundamentals Of Excellent Touch: Biomechanics And Use Of Different Tools (fingers, Knuckles, Forearms, Fists, Elbows), Session Planning, And Philosophy.

DVD 2: The Upper Back: Specific Strategies For Prone Upper Body And Arms, Including Prone Neck Work.

DVD 3: Connecting The Back To The Pelvis And Legs: Specific Strategies For Lower Back, Pelvis, Legs And Feet, With Emphasis On Integrative Connection Between The Segments.

DVD 4: Supine Lower And Upper Body: Specific Strategies For Legs, Continuing Up Through Anterior Pelvis, Abdomen, Chest, And Arms With Longer Sections Showing Fluid Connection Between The Isolated Segments.

DVD 5: Side-lying Position: Entire DVD Demonstrates Numerous Strategies For The Entire Body Including Rotational Positions For The Back, Pelvis, Shoulder Girdle, And Advantages For Leg And Arm Mobilization.

DVD 6: Tying Together The Specific Information Of The First 5 DVDs A Fluid Full Body 80 Minute Massage Is Performed Demonstrating Tailoring A Massage To Specific Issues That A Female Client Presents.

DVD 7: Again Tying Together Different Specific Techniques For A Muscular Male Athlete, Demonstrating The Versatility Of Choosing Techniques To Apply To Different Needs Of Clients.

Run Time: 9+ Hours
Format: 7 DVDs, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide

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