Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage DVD - Volume 2

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Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of Hawaiian healing that utilizes movement therapy and guided meditation for a truly unique experience. Literally, the words “Lomi Lomi” themselves means to break up into small pieces, and one of the intentions of the Lomi Lomi technique is to find congested areas of the body and disperse them through rhythmic movements.


  • Introduction
  • Learn Rhythmic Movements That Apply To All Levels
  • Emphasis On Elbow Movements
  • Forearm strokes
  • Flowing full body techniques
  • Deep and superficial soft tissue releases
  • The foot work “dance” that is an integral part of the massage
  • Assess & Treat Congested Areas Of The Body
  • Deep Release Of Physical, Emotional & Mental Blockages

With Lomi Lomi Massage, massage therapists will discover a wonderful blend of therapeutic strokes that together create the magical touch of the islands, known as “the dance of massage”. This form of massage can easily be combined with other modalities to enhance the body, mind and spirit connection essential for any kind of healing work. Included, but not limited to, are: forearm strokes, flowing full body techniques, both deep and superficial soft tissue releases and the foot work “dance” that is an integral part of the massage..

This video (DVD) is a continuation of the Lomi Lomi 1 title, in which you will further develop the magical touch of the islands, known as "the dance of massage" with Tamara Mondragon and her son Matthew, both experts in narrating and demonstrating the deeper techniques of this ancient healing art. The focus of this video is to learn to apply the elbow movements to specific areas in the body. Deep release of physical, emotional and mental blockages are achieved with proficiency.

Time 54 minutes
Format DVD

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