Ice It! Cold Comfort - Neck/Jaw/Sinus System - 4.5" x 10"

by Battle Creek Equipment

Designed specifically for use on the neck, throat, sinuses, head or jaw areas, this 4.5" x 10" unit has an elastic and Velcro strap to hold it securely in place. Cold therapy is often recommended for treatment of TMJ or after dental procedures, to relieve migraine pain, or the pain of injury or arthritis in the cervical spine. Also fits a child's ankle, wrist or elbow for sprains, strains or bruises. Includes 4.5" x 8" reusable cold pack in a plush Stay-Put™ fabric cover with removable elastic and Velcro® strap for easy positioning.

We know that you have better things to do than sit around holding an ice pack in place. Ice It!® ColdCOMFORT™ System is designed to make it easy to apply cold therapy.

Ice It!® Cold Pack:

  • Stays flexible when fully frozen, to mold around painful area
  • Quickly reaches freezing temperature
  • Maintains low temperature longer for optimum therapeutic benefit
  • Non-toxic fill enclosed in latex-free vinyl
  • Durable enough to be used several times a day
  • Ergonomic designs for specific areas, such as the neck, shoulder, back or wrist

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