In the Key of Earth CD

by Ohm Therapeutics
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Collector’s Edition includes 12-page booklet featuring artist’s statement plus publisher’s note about Ohm, from its Vedic roots to its contemporary use as a sound healing frequency.

A deeply meditative and musical exploration of our planet as a living organism, with its pulse, breath, rhythms, and cycles. In the Key of Earth is my interpretation of the primordial, says de Muynck, when the sounds and harmonics of creation became musical. The effect is symphonic and inspirational, evoking the macrocosm and the forces of creation.

Running Time: 59:57

All acoustic sounds were created specifically for this recording. Many of the tones heard are “unstuck” tones (overtones and harmonics), which are featured compositional elements. All instruments were played live to the fundamental track of the drone/pulse. No synthesized, sampled, or pre-recorded sounds were used.

Deeply relaxing, ideal for shamanic journeying, stress reduction & pain management. Music harmonizes with the sound vibration of Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness.

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