Massage Therapist's Tuning Fork Starter Set

by Ohm Therapeutics
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The Massage Therapist Starter Set includes two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks (136.1 hz ea) with 6-panels of instructions, Tuning Fork Activator, and 2-sided laminated Instructional Chart (11 x 17″).

Enrich your bodywork treatments with a new therapeutic dimension. Easy-to-learn tuning fork applications complement Table and Chair Massage: the back opens up beautifully for shoulder and spinal applications, and sound travels deeply in the body, accessing hard to reach places. Learn how to apply Ohm Tuning Forks to muscle groups, trigger, reflex and acu-points to relax muscular tension, move stagnant energy, and relieve pain.

Benefits extend to the practitioner as well. Use tuning fork(s) to alleviate stress and fatigue to thumbs, forearms and wrists, while introducing a new therapeutic element to treatment.

Boxed Set features a quick reference laminated chart featuring tuning fork applications. This 2-sided chart is a rich visual aid and instructive guide. Photos and medical illustrations show what tuning forks to apply, anatomical placement, and explain why each placement is beneficial.

Provide immediate relief for common conditions including tight neck and shoulders and facial pain and headaches that result from clenching and TMJ. Recommended spinal points help restore Qi and blood flow, relax the musculature of back, helping adjust vertebra, and collectively help balance the nervous system.

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