Roleo Hand, Wrist & Arm Massager + Finger Massager

by Manakatana Wellness
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The Roleo PRO helps relieve the pain of repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Using the Roleo is enjoyable. It's like getting a massage from your own personal massage therapist!

  • Excellent self-care tool for massage therapists, physical therapists, or anyone with hands-on or repetitive job activities
  • Effectively relieves wrist and hand pain
  • Bonus tool Finger Massager can be used to massage each finger individually
  • Reduces stress and relaxes muscles
  • Easy to use at home
  • Works great at the office
  • No power or batteries needed

Positioning the Roleo

Place the Roleo on a flat surface, such as a desk or table. For optimal benefits, the device should be at the same level as your computer keyboard, at the height of your elbows when seated with arms hanging straight down from the shoulders.


With elbows bent, forearms, wrists and hands should be parallel to the floor. Alternatively, use the Roleo on a higher countertop while standing, or place it on your lap in a seated position.


The Roleo in Use


Place one hand on the top-mounted knob/handle. It is best at first to adjust the pressure to the lightest, by turning it counterclockwise until it stops. DO NOT try to turn the knob any further than it freely goes, in either direction.


Slip the fingers of your other hand between the rollers, and gently push your arm forward until the crook (upper side) of your elbow is nearly touching the rollers.


With your arm between the rollers, use a slow "push and pull" motion to massage the muscles of your forearm. Adjust the pressure to your liking. Start out at the lightest setting and then slowly increase it.


Concentrate on the areas where you feel tension. Stop on a particularly tight or painful area and hold your arm still to keep the pressure on that "pressure point" or "trigger point." Rotate the wrist gently, thereby stretching the muscle under the pressure of the roller.


Turn the palm side of the forearm up toward the upper roller, to aim the ridges of the roller into the muscles on the palm side of the arm that feel tight or sore.


Gently move the wrist or hand in and out of the rollers, concentrating the ridges of the upper roller in between the bones of the wrist, hand and fingers. Contact between the roller surface and a bony part of the hand, arm or wrist may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this discomfort will usually lessen with use.

Adjust to lower pressure to decrease discomfort. Happy Rolling!

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