Seated Therapeutic Massage by Ralph Stephens - 3 DVD Set

by Ralph Stephens
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Ralph Stephens 3-Video Series offers superb training for chair massage. Covers chair set-up, adjustment, sanitation, hygiene, therapist-client communication, anatomy using trigger point drawings and muscles drawn on the body (AnatomyArt© by Debra Brooks) plus a complete demonstration of the techniques to treat each muscle.

Also teaches PNF and Active Isolated Stretching©, bodymechanics and thumb techniques. Techniques can be applied generally for relaxation and stress reduction, or specifically to improve circulation, increase range of motion, reduce pain and help relieve common complaints. These are the methods you need to know to better serve your patients and to stand out from the crowd of chair therapists.

"The work of Ralph Stephens is a pioneering effort to apply therapeutic massage and Active Isolated Stretching© in Seated Massage. This effort is going to be remarkable in helping people to recover from their problems." Aaron L. Mattes, Registered Kinesiologist, developer of Active Isolated Stretching©.

Ralph Stephens is a highly recognized teacher and leader in the profession of massage. He is the first to adapt specific therapeutic massage techniques from Sports Massage, NMT and Active Isolated Stretching© to the seated position.

"The massage chair isn't just for relaxation anymore!"

Total Run Time: 3.5 hours Ral

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