Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion - 1st edition

by Books of Discovery

Join author Andrew Biel on a unique and fascinating journey as he helps you build, step by step, a human body in motion! Trail Guide to Movement is written with the same encouraging voice and subtle humor as the iconic Trail Guide to the Body, making the study of human movement easy to understand, captivating, and memorable.

Instead of dissecting the body into smaller, isolated pieces, the award-winning Trail Guide to Movement takes a unique approach to building the body into larger, interconnected components. He asks the reader to join him as an active participant in building the body from scratch.

The journey in this book begins by designing four key structures for movement: connective tissue, joints, muscles, and nerves. Then, after applying some biomechanical principles, the reader puts the body to the test by exploring the concepts of posture and gait.

And, to reinforce your knowledge, more than 100 review questions are found in the back of the book.

Trail Guide to Movement won the gold medal in the PubWest Book Design Awards (Academic Category.)

Paperback / 265 pages

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