Spa Wraps - Soft Terry Cloth

by Boca Terry

Spa wraps or bath wraps are the ideal companion whether you're lounging in the steam room or in your bedroom. Wraps don't have sleeves or belts. Instead, they secures with 3 snaps for an adjustable fit. Elastic also helps keep your wrap snug and secure while you move around. No more embarrassing moments fumbling with a towel!

Men's wraps secure at the waist and cover to the mid-calf, while women's are worn just below the armpits and stop just above the knee.

Men's wraps are 24" length and women's wraps 32" length. White terry cloth. 

Women's Regular size has a 60" bottom circumference.
Women's XL size has a 70" bottom circumference.
Women's 4XL size has an 80" bottom circumference.
Tops are elastic.

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