Relax Mineral Bath Salt

by Best of Nature

Best of Nature Relax Mineral Bath Salt offers deep down relaxation with a soothing blend of mineral rich salts and calming essential oils. Aromatic French Lavender, Geranium Rose and Roman Chamomile essential oils soothe body and spirit, helping you unwind and truly relax. Bathing in salts which are nuturally high in minerals can substantially improve your well being and how good you feel each day. Try a good long soak in the tub to effectively melt away stress and tension.

Adding our Relax Mineral Salts to your bath will help soothe and calm your mind and delight your senses. Relax deeply with this aromatic blend of French Lavender, Roman Camomile, and Geranium Rose. This beautifully scented salt works to soothe the body and promote a natural sense of calm and relaxation.

26 oz Salt comes in a convenient shaker-top container.



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