Art of Hot Stone Facials DVD - Nature's Stones Inc - Pat Mayrhofer

by Natures Stones Inc
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This therapeutic hot stone facial video is designed for estheticians and cosmetologists.The thermogenic and energetic benefits of the stones turn facials into therapeutic sessions designed to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The use of both hot and cold stones, plus booties and mitts and Chakra stones transform an ordinary facial into a total relaxation experience. 

The DVD offers up-close camera shots for ease in viewing the hands and hot stones in motion. Be inspired and enhance your practice with this hot stone protocol that has been taught in prestigious spas and resorts across the country.

Basic knowledge of how to perform a facial is a prerequisite for learning the Nature’s Healing Stone Therapy® Hot Stone Facial. 

Transform an ordinary facial into an extraordinary relaxation experience!

30 minutes.

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