Deep Tissue Massage Cream

by Best of Nature
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Best of Nature's Deep Tissue Massage Cream absorbs quickly for deep work while offering superior glide for greater workability on the skin. This is one of the lightest creams available! Deep Tissue is a Light Glide formula for deep body work

Deep Tissue Massage Cream, our lightest formula, is a versatile massage lubricant combining the easy glide of oil with the silky feel of a lotion. Your clients will love the non-greasy feel.

Contains both Arnica Extract‚ which aids in the regeneration of the skin and superficial capillaries and Green Tea Extract‚ which helps reduce inflammation. Its rapid absorption makes the skin smooth and non-greasy‚ yet there's no need to reapply; it keeps the skin supple and workable throughout your massage‚ leaving no residue behind. Provides enough grip for deep bodywork without the constant need to reach for your cream jar. No drying alcohols or mineral oils are added‚ which makes it a lovely moisturizer for the skin as well.

Unscented and paraben free.

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