Business Mastery - 5th Edition

by Sohnen-Moe Associates
  • Explore a full range of options for practicing manual therapy
  • Understand how to work successfully in a clinic or franchise
  • Learn how to run your own independent practice
  • Learn how to market effectively to your target audiences
  • Practice self-management and goal setting to focus, achieve, and succeed

Business Mastery, 5th edition, helps hands-on therapy students and practitioners find their way to a financially rewarding and sustainable career that’s suited to their vision and strengths. This time-tested textbook provides the tools to succeed on any path, whether working as an independent therapist or as a practitioner at a clinic or franchise. Readers will find practical, innovative tools and tips on how to market their skills, work smarter, develop alliances through networking, fine tune their communication skills, and create a dynamic online presence. As a premier textbook in the field, Business Mastery is used in hundreds of hands-on therapy schools worldwide.

Business Mastery provides clear direction to guide each current and future hands-on practitioner to their personal definition of success. 

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