Deep Tissue Massage And Myofascial Release 7 DVD Set - Art Riggs

by Art Riggs
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These seven videos can stand alone, or act as a companion / visual guide to the Art Riggs Massage Therapist Manual: A Visual Guide to Techniques. The set is designed as a full study clinical training course for massage therapists wishing to expand their skills within the realm of deep tissue massage and myofascial release.

The program is so comprehensive, that schools have been able to formulate a comprehensive education course of up to 100 hours (including hands-on practice) around the progressive format of this video series. Many massage training products just show "strokes" without delving into the complex issues of soft tissue restrictions, osseous articulations and strategies for working with the multitude of different issues we face as therapists.

This extensive training series not only shows countless strokes and techniques, but will, more importantly, demonstrate the qualitative art of working with deep tissues to effect profound change.

Many additional strategies are also covered, such as working off the massage table in seated and standing postures and suggestions for rehabilitative home programs of strengthening and stretching for your clients.

DVD’s 1 & 2 - The Fundamentals - Refining Touch, Working Through Superficial Muscles to Deep Layers - Biomechanics of Working Tissue Deeply

Caveats—Areas of Caution for Deep Work
Tools of Deep Tissue Massage—Saving your Thumbs and Fingers
Proper Use of Fingers, Knuckles, Fist, Forearm, and Elbow
Massage Strokes and Techniques
Lengthening Tissue, Freeing Adhesions, and Releasing Holding Patterns
Positioning of Clients to Increase Effectiveness of Your Work
The Side-Lying Position to Dramatically Improve Your Effectiveness
Strategies - Hundreds of strategies to integrate into your practice

DVD 3 - The Legs and Pelvis

Balancing the Ankle and Foot and Increasing Mobility
The Anterior and Posterior Lower Leg
Working with the Knee for Mobility and to Free Restrictions
The Upper Leg—Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Adductors, Abductors
The Pelvis—Rotators, Hips, Sacrum, and Coccyx

DVD 4 - Continuation of the Pelvis, Abdomen, and Back

Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas, Iliacus, External Abdomen, Diaphram and the Breath
The Back
Spinal Mechanics and Mobilization of Vertebrae and Ribs
Major Back Muscles—Erector Spinae, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, and Others
Side-lying Work on the Back

DVD 5 - Working with the Shoulder Girdle, Chest, Arms, and Neck

Shoulder Girdle—Freeing the Scapula, Rotator Cuff, Chest, and First Rib
The Arms—Hand/Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, and Upper Arm
The Neck and Head—in Prone and Supine Position
Anterior and Posterior Neck and Vertebral Mobilization
Superficial Muscles of the Skull and Jaw

DVD’s 6 & 7 - Advanced techniques for troubleshooting and treatment of injuries—including stretching and strengthening suggestions

Foot and Ankle Injuries - Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Ankle Sprains
Knee Pain and Dysfunction
Minor Back Pain
Rotator Cuff
Tennis Elbow, Wrist Complaints, and Repetitive Strain Injuries
Thoracic Outlet Problems

Over 11 Hours Of Medical Massage Techniques And Applications.

  • DVD’s 1 & 2 - The Fundamentals - Refining Touch, Working Through Superficial Muscles to Deep Layers - Biomechanics of Working Tissue Deeply.
  • DVD 3 - The Legs And Pelvis
  • DVD 4 - Continuation Of The Pelvis, Abdomen, Back
  • DVD 5 - Working With The Shoulder Girdle, Chest, Arms, Neck
  • DVD’s 6 & 7 - Advanced Techniques For Troubleshooting And Treatment Of Injuries - Including Stretching And Strengthening Suggestions.

Runtime: 11+ Hours.
Format: DVD, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide.

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