Earthlite Foot Pedal Replacement for Ellora, Ergo, Everest and Element Electric Lift Massage Table

by Earthlite

Pedal is a replacement pedal for the following Earthlite electric lift tables (see model and year).

Ellora (03/2016 - Current)

Ergo (2016 - Current)

Everest (11/2015 - Current)

Everest Spa (11/2015 - Current)

Everest Eclipse (11/2015 - Current)

Element Lift (5/2014 - Current)

Please note manufacturer date of table listed above when ordering, to ensure this pedal works with your table - your table manufacture date is usually noted on the underside of an Earthlite table on a sticker with the serial number. If in doubt please give us a ring or send us an email. 

** If you are purchasing this as an additional pedal on a table, please contact us as you will need to purchase some splitter hardware as well to make it work. 

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