Fleece Pad & Cradle Cover Set

by Best of Nature
Save 17%

Our Fleece Table Set Special includes our unrivaled 1" thick luxurious fleece pad and the fleece face rest cover at a price you can't beat!. Thicker, softer and with better quality than what you'll find any place else, these pads make a big difference in the comfort of your clients.

What many people don't realize is that a fleece pad is a great solution year round! In winter, the air trapped in the soft fleece under a person's body acts to keep them insulated and warm, while in the summer the same buffer of air prevents a client from "sweating" against the table's vinyl and keeps them comfortable.

  • Our Table Pad has elastic corners that assure a good fit for all tables 33" wide and under.
  • Our Crescent Cradle Pad has three bands of attached elastic, which allows the cover to fit snugly on your cradle.

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