Good2Go Moist Heat Pack - Shoulder 13" x 14" / Microwaveable

by Battle Creek
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Shoulder pain from injury, rotator cuff stress, or arthritic changes in the joint, can be very difficult to treat. The Good2Go™ Shoulder unit is approximately 13” x 14” and is designed to surround the entire joint in comforting moist heat therapy.

Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat products feature a plush, multi-ply cover design for a snug, secure fit. Introduced by Battle Creek Equipment, manufacturer of Thermophore® Deep-Heat Therapy products, this "unplugged" version of moist heat therapy offers enhanced portability and convenience.

The 13” x 14” Shoulder unit contains a patented filling, composed of non-allergenic crystals that do not leak, develop unpleasant odors or encourage the growth of mold and fungus. In addition, the non-organic crystals have a distinctive honey-combed surface to absorb much more atmospheric moisture than rice or barley-filled products. A couple of minutes in any microwave can quickly generate a comforting moist heat vapor for penetrating therapy. A cozy deep-pile cover, held in place with a wide elastic and Velcro strap, focuses heat right where you need it most - for therapy that’s Good2Go™!

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