Low Ohm Tuning Fork - (68.05 HZ)

by Ohm Therapeutics

Package includes Low Ohm Tuning Fork (68.05 hz) plus 8-panel Instructional packaging, including photos demonstrating how to correctly hold, activate and apply tuning fork, plus specific treatment recommendations, including cranial-sacral, lower back/sacrum, and bottom of foot (KI 1) applications.

The Low Ohm Tuning Fork produces a deep and earth reverberating tone with beneficial overtones when activated. It is an excellent choice for working on the body, especially the lower body, as it is a particularly grounding tone.

Use to promote the healing of strained muscles, tendons, and ligaments. At 68.05 Hz, the Low Ohm Tuning Fork is in the frequency range shown to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and to help build bone (25-150 Hz).

Use Low Ohm as a single application, or expand your treatment options and combine with Mid Ohm Tuning Fork to create the Ohm Octave. Practitioners may also use two Low Ohm Tuning Forks (Low Ohm Unison) together for their rooting quality. When doubled, the deep resonant quality of the Low Ohm facilitates loosening chronically stuck conditions.


Acupuncturists, Massage, Sport and Physical Therapists are among a diverse range of healthcare practitioners who incorporate applied sound with tuning forks into their healing practices. The Low Ohm Tuning Fork helps reduce swelling and inflammation; at 68.05 hz, it is in the frequency range (50-150 hz) that is shown to help build and strengthen bone.

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