Nexauna Hot Stone Drape

by Nature's Stones
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The Nexauna is a unique hot stone drape, a patented design from Nature's Stones Inc. Made from soft durable twill, it is specially designed with 5 pockets to hold the heated stones, which lie perfectly on the chest and sternum and behind the neck for the ultimate in relaxation. The drape allows the heated stones to slowly warm the muscles of the neck and décolleté to provide a deep relaxation without having the therapist or technician having to take the time to work on that area.

  • The Nexauna can also be worn by clients while waiting for their spa treatment or salon service, and worn by patients while waiting in doctors’, dentists’, and chiropractors’ offices.
  • Appointments running behind? No worries - place the Nexauna with warm stones on your clients and they will wait happily while relaxing under the Nexauna's soothing touch
  • Available with or without stones (3 medium and 5 small basalt).
  • There is a "heart" pocket on the exterior for optional placement of chakra stones or crystals (not included). 
  • The Nexauna is great for home use, when watching TV, reading a book, making dinner after a long day
  • Clients can wear the Nexauna during pedicures, manicures and reflexology treatments for an enhanced relaxing experience

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