Orthopedic Massage Series: The Low Back 5 DVD Video Set - Ben Benjamin

by Ben Benjamin
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Clinical Assessment, Applications & Pain Relief For Soft Tissue Injuries Of The Low Back By Dr. Ben Benjamin, PhD. Free Essential Principles DVD Included - Assessment & Treatment Strategies For Soft Tissue Pain And Injuries.

DVD 1 Anatomy in Depth.
DVD 2 Assessment Tools.
DVD 3 Integration: Concepts and Theory.
DVD 4 Treatment Techniques.
DVD 5 Case Enactment.

Bonus 6th DVD - The Essential Principles.

The Significance Of Ligament Laxity.
Assessments, Resisted Tests, Passive Tests, Active Tests.
Basic Principles And Theories Needed To Understand Pain & Injury Assessment And Treatment.
All Ben Benjamin Learning Programs Are Built Upon The Fundamental Concepts Taught In This DVD.
The Secret Of Chronic Injuries, External And Internal Scar Tissue, The Meaning Of Referred Pain In Orthopedic Medicine.
Treatment Modalities, Friction Therapy, Exercise Therapy, Injection Therapy.
Fetal Development, Principles To Enhance Healing Capacity Reviewed.
Different Types Of Pain, The Use Of Doctors, MRI And Injections.
Poor Alignment, Chronic Muscle Tension, Testing For Tension.
Muscle Spasm, Arthritis, Passive, Resistance And Active Tests.

Run Time: 7+ Hours
Format: 6 DVDs, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide
After decades of working and developing clinical applications and effective pain relief for clients, Dr. Benjamin offers this 5-disc set on the low back. This comprehensive program will teach you how to effectively assess and treat the most commonly injured structures in the low back. You’ll learn how to differentiate muscle and ligament injuries from more serious disc injuries, and you’ll fine-tune your palpation skills and hands-on treatment techniques. After you’ve learned the theoretical background, assessment procedures, and treatment techniques, we integrate this knowledge through enactment of a real case. He explains and demonstrates how to palpate the anatomy of each injured structure, the passive, extensive and positive assessment tests, and treatments to help the specific injuries, which include myofascial release, friction, massage, and rehabilitation exercises.

Dr. Benjamin has an excellent teaching style that he uses in all of the videos, utilizing a combination of expertise, precision, humor, and insight. His explanation and demonstrations are clear and easy to understand. This series is highly recommend this series for a range of health professionals, including physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Essential Principles DVD

Incorporating material that Dr. Benjamin has synthesized over the last 23 years, this program teaches all of the basic principles and theories needed to understand the pain and injury assessment and treatment process.

This Essential Principles program provides the foundation upon which all Ben Benjamin learning programs are built, and was created to assist viewers in working effectively on people with pain. He integrates his theory and application so that the viewer will have a practical overview of an injury assessment, and then the treatment. The program is organized as a series of short segments teaching and demonstrating each essential principle. The concepts addressed are:

- Injuries (the secret of chronic injuries, external and internal scar tissue, the meaning of referred pain in Orthopedic Medicine, the significance of ligament laxity).
- Assessments (resisted tests, passive tests, active tests).
- Treatment modalities (friction therapy, exercise therapy, injection therapy).

Principles to enhance a person healing capacity are also reviewed. Some of the topics covered include chronic injuries; external and internal scar tissue; referred pain; ligament laxity; poor alignment; chronic muscle tension; testing for tension; muscle spasm; arthritis; the passive, resistance and active tests; different types of pain; the use of doctors; MRI and injections; and exercises. Dr. Benjamin makes these highly technical and complex concepts clear and very accessible.

This video should be viewed prior to the rest of the series or can stand alone with all of the information it contains on pain and what viewers should know to help eliminate it.
About Ben Benjamin
As a leader in the massage therapy profession for over thirty years, Ben Benjamin, PhD in Education and Sports Medicine, understands what it takes to become an effective, successful practitioner. At the forefront of an emerging profession, Dr. Benjamin played a pivotal role in establishing professional and ethical standards. Recognized for his active leadership in the massage therapy field, he has been named one of the "Stars of the Century" by Massage Magazine. Previously, he has received the President's Award from the American Massage Therapy Association for outstanding contributions to the massage profession.

As a nationally-recognized massage therapist, author, and advocate for therapeutic massage, he has dedicated his life to helping people suffering from pain or stress. For his students, he instills the confidence that comes from a thorough theoretical understanding and an integrated practical application of precise techniques. Dr. Benjamin focuses his energy on advancing the massage profession because he believes in its powerful ability to relieve pain and promote health. His books and videos are frequently used in massage schools nationwide and serve as important reference materials for professional therapists. He frequently lectures throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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