Sa-Wan Thai Herbal Balls

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Sa-Wan Thai Herbal Balls have herbal benefits that penetrate deep into the muscle and tissue, that are well-known for anti-inflammatory properties, analgesics, therapeutic healing properties and much more. The Herbal Ball is typically used in combination with traditional Thai or relaxation massage. Small ones are generally used for Facial Treatments and Large for the Body.

The blend of herbs is the traditional recipe of the Wat Po temple in Bangkok. Manufactured in Chiang Mai, they are certified by the government as authentic. This special blend of herbs helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, increases blood circulation, and nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Our recipe and treatments are sure to star you clients on their journey to paradise.

The Luk Pra Kob, translated from Thai as “pressing herbal sphere,” or Herbal Ball, is a method of treatment employed in traditional Thai medicine. It is used to provide the same type of stimulation as acupressure along energy channels, known as Sen Sib lines in Thailand. Thai Herbal Ball massage is rapidly growing in the West due to the many added benefits that herbs promote over most other traditional treatments.

The herbal ball treatment traditionally is a hot treatment. The Herbal Ball is soaked for up to five minutes, and then steamed in a steamer for 10-20 minutes before use. It is pressed along the Sen Sib lines, or acupressure zones of the body in a series of motions that include: a pressing with steady downward pressure; a “rock ‘n roll,” or back and forth motion; a “rolling” or orbital circular motion; and a “dragging” motion which is used to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The herbal ball is used in combination with traditional Thai or Swedish massage or as a tool to work on specific parts of the body that need special attention for muscular tightness or pain.

About Sa-Wan
Sa-wan adheres to the highest ethical standards throughout the growing, harvesting and manufacturing process. Working closely with the local village co-ops Sa-wan employs middle to older age women who don’t have an opportunity to work in factories because they must stay close to the families and take care of their children. In order to maintain a stable work force to meet the growing demand Sa-wan pays a higher wage then the women can earn working in local shops or restaurants. This concept was pioneered by Jim Thompson who developed Thailand’s Silk industry. Jim Thompson was known for his love of the Thai people and generosity to help the local village economies. Sa-wan share’s this belief to help the local people while opening the Thai Herbal Ball experience to others.

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