Sound Healing Tuning Fork Application DVD

by Ohm Therapeutics

TUNING FORK APPLICATION DVD features illustrated instructions and video tutorials of 20 treatment protocols, including basic tuning fork technique and application methods for both the physical and energetic body. Instructional video is based on years of clinical use, featuring treatment applications that are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Recommended protocols utilize known acu-points and energetic pathways, as well as anatomical placement, to promote balance, movement and harmony. 26 minutes.


Apply Ohm Tuning Forks to relax muscular tension, relieve pain, and equilibrate the entire body. Therapeutic benefits include the reduction of joint pain and swelling. The application of Ohm Tuning Forks (Mid, Low, Osteo) helps to increase natural and anti-inflammatory compounds, which promotes the healing of strained muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Those who work in the subtle body will find the High Frequency Ohm Tuning Forks (High Ohm and Sonic Ohm Octaves) create potent musical intervals for clearing unwanted resonance and moving stagnant energy. Learn techniques to move and direct energy via the rolling, figure eight and sweeping techniques, to disperse and release unwanted resonance.



  • Tuning Fork Technique: How to hold and activate a Tuning Fork
  • Five Step Application Process: Find, Palpate, Eye, Activate, Place
  • Four Application Methods: Single, Bilateral, Distal, and Double
  • Body Mechanics, Pace and Rhythm of Treatment
  • Twenty Treatment Protocol, utilizing Acu-points and Anatomical Placements
  • How to use Mid Ohm Unison, Ohm Octave and High Ohm Octave Tuning Forks
  • How to include Singing and Crystal Bowls in a Sound Healing session


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