Thumbsavers Advance

by Thumbsavers
The Thumbsavers Advance is an affordable massage ‘tool’ that assists any health care practitioner who is utilizing their hands by providing much needed support. They also reduce the stress on your joints and wrists while performing deep tissue work.

The Thumbsavers Advance takes all of the features of the Thumbsavers Classic to a whole new level. Several engineering enhancements that were not possible when first conceived help make this the most advanced worn therapeutic aid on the market today. What makes this new version so great?
  • Advanced Sensitive Tip - Allows for better a better interaction between your fingers and the clients tissue. Know where you are working, what you are working on, and determine exactly how much pressure to deliver.
  • Improved Venting - Allows for a cooler working experience via enhanced breathability.
  • Comfort Fit Opening - The Thumbsavers Advance is more ergonomically shaped, and has a soft opening the is flexible and natural feeling. It is much more comfortable to wear, especially for shorter fingers.
What Size Do I Need?
Take A Measurement Across The Area Just Above The Joint In The Middle Of Your Thumb (If That Is The Widest Part)
  • If It Is ~ 1/2” to 7/8”, Order Teal - Small.
  • If It Is Between 7/8” and 1 1/8”, Order Orange - Large.
  • This Is What We Call ‘The Rule Of Thumbs’!
Used By Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic / Personal Trainers All Over The World. They are great for Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Stripping, All Massage Modalities Including Chair, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Self Care & More.

It provides the kind of sensitivity and mobility that separate them from other options that don’t allow you to ‘feel’ your client or have a direct ‘connection’ to them. Many tools on the market also require a great amount of force to be applied when holding them, and cause strain and fatigue over time.

Technically, Thumbsavers can not be called a "tool" because your thumbs and fingers are actually inside them. You use your fingers in their natural state, and fatigued thumbs, fingers, and carpal tunnel like wrist pain will be no longer a problem. You can prolong your natural therapy career and protect your most valuable assets.

Thumbsavers can be used interchangeably with thumbs, middle and index fingers, and on both hands.

Message from Greg Polins, the developer of Thumbsavers Advance massage ‘tool’: ‘This is by far my best tool yet. A couple of years ago, this wasn’t possible. Through advanced mold engineering, you can now have the support you need for your joints while enjoying a much better interaction with your clients through the multi-depth tip. The Thumbsavers Advance is going to take treating clients while extending your career to a whole new level.’


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