Tibetan Gong

by Spa & Bodywork Market
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For thousands of years gongs have played a vital role in religious and secular music in Asian cultures. Gongs can have a powerful sound; when played sensitively they have the variety to evoke any of the five elements. Gongs may also be used to begin and end meditation or healing treatments. A delightful addition to any room as it is both beautiful and functional. Stands available separately.

When played, the gong player first warms up by hitting the gong gently around a circle outside the center of the gong. This starts the gong vibrating. Then when you hit the center it creates a loud sound that continues ringing softer and softer until it stops vibrating.

Bronze gong is suspended by a cord, wooden gong beater included. 8" weighs 3 lbs. 12" weighs 10 lbs.

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