Touch America / Golden Ratio Face Cradle Platform

by Touch America

In 2004 massage table manufacturer Touch America acquired Golden Ratio Woodworks and changed from a 5/16" metal rod on the face cradle platform to a 3/4" rod.

In order to provide replacement platforms for older tables, both options are happily still available! See details below:

Please confirm the size and spacing of the accessory holes on your table before ordering. Measure the area between the holes where the face cradle platform plugs in, center to center. 

The face cradle platforms have a black heavy-duty plastic frame with either 5/16" metal rods with 7 and 1/4" spacing (on center) or 3/4" plastic rods with 9 and 1/2" spacing (on center). The height and angle of the platform is adjustable with one locking lever. 

If you need a face pillow cushion for this, please order here

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